Research Snapshot: Sustainable travel program: Benefits and challenges

A sustainable travel program brings plenty of benefits, care about the planet being one of them. It enhances a company’s image, plays a role in personnel recruitment and retention and boosts traveler satisfaction. These positive effects are “extremely” or “very important” to around three quarters of travel buyers. Download PDF

Research Snapshot: The sustainability manager’s role in travel

Three quarters of travel buyers report having a sustainability manager or a team accountable for sustainability matters in the company. Of those, 40% of travel buyers regularly interact with their sustainability manager. Sustainability managers are most engaged with offsetting carbon emissions, working on a travel program or tracking its sustainability. Occasionally, they collaborate with travel …

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Research Snapshot: Sustainable travel program

6 in 10 travel buyers report that their travel program encourages sustainable travel. The remaining 40% are equally divided between those providing a negative answer and those indecisive. Download PDF

Research Snapshot: Travel buyer sustainability priorities

Travel buyers recognize their sustainability priorities must be aligned with general company sustainability goals. Tracking travel sustainability and reducing its environmental impact are of higher importance than offsetting 3,6 carbon emissions. While two thirds of travel buyers report their company is publishing an annual sustainability report, a quarter do not have this information. Download PDF